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On Thursday, October 20th, Dr Curtis Gray, Psychiatrist presented to a large group of clients representing the CTP insurance, legal and government arena. The event, held at Christies Conference Centre, and entitled “Somatisation”, similarly attracted a mix of clients encompassed within a variety of occupations.

The session commenced, interestingly and unusually, with conclusions on the topic. Dr Gray then proceeded to discuss psychiatric definitions followed by a short group activity. Throughout the session Dr Gray also covered the following topics in relation to Somatisation: Illness Behaviour vs the Sick Role; Secondary Gain; The Biopsychosocial Model; Dependency; Aetiology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Conclusions on the topic were again reiterated at the end of session.

Overall, the presentation was very well received by attendees with the event receiving such praise as ‘Once again, an appropriate learning session. Thank you’ and ‘Thank you so much, very informative’.

The next installment of mlcoa’s education series, scheduled for November, will be hosted by Dr Bradley Ng, Psychiatrist and entitled Psychiatry and Disability Impairment”.

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