Shoulders And Knees: What’s Old And What’s New?

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Shoulders And Knees: What’s Old And What’s New?

“Shoulders and Knees – What’s old …What’s New” was the title of the presentation given by Doctor Michael Lucas on 23 August 2016 at Hadley’s Orient Hotel in Hobart.

35 delegates attended which was held in the George Cartwright room at 1.00pm.

Dr Lucas explained a number of case scenarios of knee conditions  using MRI’s and asked for audience participation.

His explanation of a number of common knee conditions included age factors and genetics. The benefits of exercise and weight loss in the osteoarthritic knee was supported by a number of case studies.

With effect July 2016, it was found that surgery was no better than exercise for meniscal tears.

He presented a number of case studies that showed operative trends and their conclusions. The higher the age, the higher the prevalence of all types of abnormalities detectable by MRI. Horizontal or oblique meniscal tears are frequently encountered in both asymptomatic and symptomatic knees and may not always be related to symptoms.

A quick look at a frozen shoulder MRI rounded up the lecture.  A number of participants asked questions and then enjoyed the light luncheon served.

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