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Shoulder Conditions

At the latest mlcoa on balance educational event in Melbourne, Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr David Macintosh delivered an informative and interactive session on the topic of Shoulder Conditions to an audience of approximately 40 attendees from various organisations.

The session started with an overview of shoulder anatomy and pathology.  Various shoulder conditions were discussed, with consideration given to the various forms of treatment in consideration of the patient’s age and severity of symptoms.  The session explored the use of radiological investigations, cortisone injections, physiotherapy and surgery as well as other treatment types, with discussions using examples and research studies.  There was time allocated for Q&A where Dr Macintosh was able to address questions of a general and specific nature.  Some of the topics raised and responded to included:

  • Frequency and duration of recommended treatments;
  • Dr Macintosh’s thoughts on treatments that are less conventional;
  • Medical restrictions with regard to work capacity;
  • Prognoses.

The session was summed up by those in attendance as an “excellent and informative presentation” and as being of added value to the day-to-day management of claims and return to work.

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