Psychological Conditions After Physical Injury In The Workplace

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Psychological Conditions After Physical Injury In The Workplace

On Monday 22nd May, mlcoa QLD hosted “Psychological Conditions After Physical Injury In The Workplace” presented by Dr Pala Valappil, Psychiatrist.

Dr Pala Valappil provided insight into the causes of injuries, statistics as well as the consequences of injuries including lost time, lost income, medical expenses and compensation costs.

Dr Pala Valappil discussed the definitions around common psychological conditions such as adjustment disorders, anxiety disorders, depression and PTSD. Dr Pala Valappil also provided education in regards to the definition of PTSD the incidence, increased risk and cognitive appraisal of the injury.

Dr Pala Valappil discussed injury related factors, socio – demographic, predisposing factors, precipitating factors, adjustment disorder and depression. Discussions were centered on the case examples and how to obtain the best from a Psychiatrist in returning an individual to work after a physical injury.

Dr Pala Valappil spoke about treatment options such as problem solving therapy (PST) that has clinical relevance in significantly improving RTW outcomes. Dr Pala Valappil also discussed with the attendees other contributing factors of workplace injuries such as sleep disturbance, substance abuse and somatic symptom disorder.

Dr Pala Valappil spoke in depth in relation to the poor return to work predictors and provided case examples of these as well as what contributes to early return to work and delayed return to work outcomes. Dr Pala Valappil also provided the framework around models for readiness for Return to work.

Dr Pala Valappil’s presentation was well received by the audience and attendee’s providing a framework of understanding for Psychological Conditions After Physical Injury In The Workplace.

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