Psychiatry And Disability Impairment

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Psychiatry And Disability Impairment

On Tuesday, November 8th 2016, Dr Bradley Ng, Consultant Psychiatrist, presented to a group of clients employed within multiple areas of QLD and state government, alongside private clients varying from Legal to Medical Services on “Psychiatry And Disability Impairment”. The event, held at Christies Conference Centre, was our second last Brisbane event for 2016. It was extremely well received by all participants as Dr Ng brought a realistic and humourous touch to the event. Dr Ng discussed a number of areas, relevant to his specialty, including:

–          Symptoms and diagnosis of mental disability

–          How personality effects mental disability

–          How sufferers function in day to day life

–          Employment and those that are diagnosed with mental illness

–          Treatment and management for sufferers

–          How these points can apply to clients

At the conclusion of the presentation, attendees took advantage of the opportunity provided to ask questions of Dr Ng that applied specifically to the people and cases in their line of employment. This event marks the wrapping up of mlcoa’s education series for 2016.

With our much anticipated “mlcoa’s Christmas Pearls” event being the last in our series of events for 2016, the following consultants are scheduled to share their individual areas of expertise with a fully booked audience on the 6th of December 2016: Dr James Muir, Dermatologist; Dr Michael Wood, Neuropsychologist; Dr Simon Journeaux, Orthopaedic Surgeon; and Dr Lewandowski. Dermatologist.

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