Personality Traits In The Workplace

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Personality Traits In The Workplace

Dr Frank Chow, Psychiatrist presented on the topic of ‘Personality Traits and the Workplace’ to an audience of 118 people on Wednesday, 19 October at The Adelaide Pavilion.

During this presentation Dr Chow spoke about the complexities of human personality, the many factors that influence peoples’ behaviour and provided some tips on how to manage challenging relationships. Deferring personalities and the impact they can have on a workplace were given from the perspective of an employee and a manager, with 2 case scenarios being provided at the end of the session.

Questions were welcomed at the end of the session, which included several comments on the benefit of being able to better understand different personality traits following the session.

A door prize of a voucher for an evening at The Playford Hotel was also drawn as a thank you for helping us reach over 1000 attendees at our mlcoa events in 2016.

Positive feedback was given at the end of this event by attendees, with comments such as;

“Dr Chow was very engaging and put this topic in real terms.”

“Gave me a chance to reflect on how to approach claimants from a different perspective.”

“Dr Chow was very knowledgeable.”

“Engaging presenter & relevant information provided. Good case studies.”

“Extremely informative and interesting. Good to have a presenter with personality and humour.”

“One of the best.”

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