Obesity And The Workplace: What Follows

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Obesity And The Workplace: What Follows

On Tuesday, May 31st, 2016, Dr Marcus Navin, Consultant Occupational Physician presented to a group of clients employed within the insurance, legal and government arena. The event, held at Christies Conference Centre, was on the topic of ‘Obesity and the Workplace: What Follows’.  Dr Navin discussed a number of areas relevant to the subject inclusive of:

  • Current overweight and obesity statistics in Australia
  • Medical and non-medical consequences from excess weight
  • Possible intervention strategies including diet, surgery, education and social control; and
  • Workplace implications

The presentation was well received with comments such as: “Very interesting seminar. A real problem in tomorrow’s world”, “Presentation should be offered again. It was excellent!” and “Very interesting presentation”. The event itself concluded with questions from the audience and a relevant case study. The next instalment of mlcoa’s education series, scheduled for June, will be hosted by mlcoa’s Consultant Neurologist & Rehabilitation Physician, Dr Vic du Plessis, entitled ‘Conversion Disorder’.

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