Obesity And The Workplace: What Are The Implications?

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Obesity And The Workplace: What Are The Implications?

More than half of Australian adults have a body weight that puts their health at risk, creating an obesity “epidemic”. Dr Mark Floyd, Occupational Physician provided an overview of the ever increasing “epidemic” and what we as society can and should be doing about it.

Whilst it can be a bit of a taboo topic, Dr Floyd engaged the audience with current research and his own medical opinion on how to approach the subject. By using explanatory models, statistics and case studies Dr Floyd detailed some of the medical, workplace and social implications of obesity.

Dr Floyd encouraged the audience to talk about obesity in the workplace, have less of a ‘cake’ culture and to move more.

The feedback from this presentation was extremely well received with comments such as; “Great presentation. Interesting and gave me lots to think about.”, “Great presentation, very practical.” & “Useful to take time out to consider this topic and how it affects our workplace.”

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