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NSW Examinee Experience Event

On Tuesday 3rd May 2016, mlcoa NSW hosted an “Examinee Experience” in their offices presented by
Dr Dwight Dowda & Vicky Petropoulos.


Attendees were provided with the opportunity to better understand the IME experience, both from an “administrative” & medical point of view. During this session, we discussed the IME from start to finish as experienced by the examinee. We also provided helpful advice about what you, the referrer, can do to maximise your referral for independent medical examination.

This interactive session allowed for questions to be asked and discussed throughout the presentation and allowed attendees to apply case specific examples. Dr Dowda was also able to provide examples from his experience, so that attendees were able to gain a greater understanding of the different situations that can arise during a consultation.

Feedback from the session included positive comments about Dr Dwight Dowda and Vicky Petropoulos as presenters as well as comments about the session such as; “very informative” and “a great interactive session”.The session was easy to follow and catered for all attendees.

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