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How To Manage Non Work Related Chronic Diseases In The Workplace

On Tuesday, 21st March mlcoa VIC along with Dr Simone Ryan, Occupational Physician and Dr Scott Chambers, Psychiatrist discussed the challenging topic "How To Manage Non Work Related Chronic Diseases In The Workplace".

Dr Ryan began the session with an overview of three specific chronic diseases; heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Dr Ryan talked about the impacts of shift work on someone who has a chronic disease and provided the audience with a case study to reflect on. Dr Chambers used a further compelling case study to discuss the physical, emotional and daily living factors of depression before handing over to the audience to ask questions as part of the panel discussion.

The audience had wide range of questions for the doctors, some relating to specific cases they are currently dealing with, and others regarding the complexities of managing issues associated with chronic diseases.

“Understanding PTSD” will be presented by Dr Frank Chow on Friday, 21st April. For more information please go to our Events Page or call 03 9650 2000 or email to find out more.