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Is Pain A Barrier? Practical Strategies for HR Managers & Case Managers

On Wednesday the 24th of August mlcoa Victoria presented an interactive session entitled "Is Pain A Barrier? Practical Strategies for HR Managers & Case Managers" to a full house of Case Managers and HR Managers.

Dr Simone Ryan, Occupational Physician provided the audience with practical strategies on how to manage someone in the workplace who is presenting with pain. Dr Ryan discussed the difference between chronic and acute pain, the types of treatments for pain and how a doctor would typically assess pain.

Dr Ryan had the audience engaged through-out the session and finished the session with an opportunity for question and answers.

The Feedback from this event was very well receive with comments such as; “Great that Simone was able to convert medical ‘lingo’ in laymen’s terms and also able to provide recommendations to case managers in understanding pain and have a fresh approach”, “Very informative and engaging presentation” and “This session was so useful, beneficial and an epic presentation”.