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April Update:

International Services

If you have a customer or an employee located overseas and need them to be medically assessed, we can help you.

mlcoa International Services recognises the challenges associated with organising independent medical assessments overseas. This includes for example trying to locate a suitably qualified medical expert and ensuring they understand the requirements associated with your request, working with varying time zones and navigating language barriers and or different judicial standards when it comes to medico-legal reporting.

What we can do for you:

  • Locate a suitable medical expert in New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom or Canada and provide you with a detailed profile outlining the medical expert’s qualifications and expertise for consideration. If you require an assessment to be conducted in another country, we are able to circulate your request to our international network to try and source a suitable medical expert.
  • Help ensure that the overseas medical expert understands your requirements and that the medico-legal report is in a format which meets Australian judiciary standards.
  • Connect with examinees worldwide via our telemedicine assessment service, where it is determined to be medically appropriate.
  • Liaise with the examinee (with your consent), to set up a suitable date and time of appointment.
  • Arrange for further investigations (X-rays, ultrasounds, MRI, CT scans, pathology) to be conducted.
  • Arrange an interpreter for the assessment and or translation of documentation.
  • Quality review the independent medical expert’s report before it is released to ensure your instructions have been followed and your questions have been answered.
  • Organise our international medical experts to provide a supplementary report when applicable.

If you would like more information, please contact the International Services team via




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