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June Update:

mlcoa Workshop Events: Opinions That Work

The Opinions That Work event is all about crystallising best practice in utilising medical specialists, empirical health and claims data, and proactive stakeholder management inclusive of treating health practitioners to drive better outcomes.

There is a clear industry intent to challenge those barriers that have driven adversarial relationships between insurers, treaters and injured parties to date. The focus must be directed towards collaboration and informed action by deploying these strategies in a systematic manner, tailored to individual requirements irrespective of complexity of health risk, compensable or non-compensable nature of claim or injury, or health risk.

Opinions That Work is designed to create a workshop atmosphere where we can collaborate with Global thought leaders, local specialists and you to discuss, debate, agree and guide us all on the direction we wish the industry to take.

During the registration process, we have captured a variety of questions that will be addressed at the Q&A session during the event. You can view these questions here.


With registration closing soon and a limited number of seats still availalble, make sure you reserve your spot quickly. To register for your local Opinions That Work event, please click on your desired location below to go to the registration website.




Thursday, 22nd June       


9am - 12noon. Registration at 8:30am

Monday, 26th June          


9am - 12noon. Registration at 8:30am

Wednesday, 28th June


9am - 12noon. Registration at 8:30am

Thursday, 29th June


9am - 12noon. Registration at 8:30am          




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