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October Update:

The 2018 Mental Health Blue Book is Now Available!

We are extremely excited to release to you the new and improved 2018 Mental Health ‘Blue Book’.

Mental illness and ‘stress’ is a major issue facing workplaces, insurers, individuals and their families. It is crucial that both prevention and appropriate care and coordination management is considered. Many people struggle with mental health issues at some point in their life and when it impacts the workplace it can also make life more challenging for the employer and co-workers, notwithstanding the individual themselves.

Employers are faced with not only a genuine care for the wellbeing of their employee and implementing sustainable solutions, but the additional challenge of trying to prevent and minimise disruption and costs to the workplace. Not to mention avoiding a situation escalating into a potential claim.

This year’s ‘Blue Book’ shares with you the multiple faces of mental health and how maintaining and improving good mental health can positively improve your wellbeing. As you read through our guide, our intention is to take you into the community, where we explore the vexing issues of road rage and domestic violence; through to the workplace, where we consider the practical
aspects of building resilience in a team and also building a healthy mind. We then circle back to reflect on our own business and how at mlcoa we strive to make a real difference, be it through sharing knowledge, delivering medical opinions, or more recently, collaborating with our peers to build more comprehensive solutions that will generate far reaching positive effects.

This year’s ‘Blue Book’ contains:

  • Information on how mlcoa can help build a solution for you
  • Articles and case studies on domestic violence, road rage and resilient teams in the workplace
  • Mental health and the workplace
  • Details on GPS2 and how treating GPs can provide optimal medical care management
  • Mental health checklist
  • A mentally healthy word search
  • National mental health specialist listing

To secure your free copy of the 2018 Mental Health ‘Blue Book’ , simply contact us via

Alternatively, the electronic version can be found here.

mlcoa recognises the importance of mental health within the workplace  – we help others manage it, and understand the challenges that face people managing these individuals with such complex conditions. During October’s Mental Health month, we will be including a basic mental health fact sheet with each report we release. We hope the information this initiative provides, contributes to your understanding of the condition your employee is suffering from, and aids in your management of this individual.



The mlcoa Team