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October Update:

Achieving the Best Quality Use of Medicines

More and more medication options are available to modern clinicians and the complexity of the factors associated with their use continues to grow. Pharmacists are medication experts who have a working knowledge of clinical pharmacology who can provide a detailed medication review for your customer or employee. Pharmacists are regarded as the medication experts in the medical world. This knowledge is extended to dissect treatment regimens and ascertain if each prescribed medication is appropriate and rational. Pharmacists’ reports improve claim management and allow expedited progression.

Research demonstrates that comprehensive medication reviews:

  • Assist in preventing medication related problems, including potential to reduce the extent of polypharmacy. With polypharmacy (concurrent & regular use of 5 or more medicines) being commonplace, the likelihood of medication-related problems increases exponentially as the number of medications taken rises. ‘Deprescribing’ medication involves more than simply stopping medications- there are a number of steps in this complex process which should involve a comprehensive risk assessment and consumer consultation.
  • Improve health outcomes for consumers, resulting in a marked reduction in medication-related harm, a reduction in the cost of care measured both in terms of the overall cost of providing care, the expenses associated with GP visits, hospitalisations and other healthcare utilisation, as well as reducing the costs associated with the acquisition of medications.
  • Assist with a timely return to work and return to meaningful daily activities by optimising the quality use of medicines that help facilitate a return to employment after a compensable injury.

According to research, there are 8 categories of medication-related problems which may result in poorer health outcomes:

  1. Inadequate medication: A medication is required but has not been prescribed
  2. Unnecessary medication: A medication that is not clearly indicated continues to be prescribed
  3. Wrong medication: A medication has been prescribed but another medication would be a better choice
  4. Dose too low: A medication has been prescribed but the dose is insufficient to be effective
  5. Dose too high: A medication has been prescribed but the dose is too high
  6. Adverse drug reaction has occurred
  7. There is a drug interaction
  8. Inappropriate adherence and other issues that compromise the efficacy or safety of medical treatment e.g. opioid misuse

Components of an independent Pharmacy medication review service at mlcoa may include:

  • Systematic medication file reviews
  • Specialised medicines information and individualised clinical support (including case conferencing)
  • GP education
  • Patient support and education

We are delighted to welcome Jenan Abdulwahed, Pharmacist to our team at mlcoa NSW. Ms Abdulwahed is an experienced pharmacist with expertise in pain management, clinical review, claims case file review and Opioid Reduction Plans. With thorough understanding of Comcare, NSW Workcover, SIRA, Insurance Scheme Agents and claims processing, she is able to extrapolate her experience and expertise for the better management of the claim. This type of work can encompass but is not limited to CTP, Worker Compensation, Life Cover and DVA claims.

As the scope of claims management complexifies and diversifies, so does the need for an Independent Medication Specialist. Provision of in-depth full file reviews, direct NTD contact, and medication cost expenditure analysis are some of the services offered to assist in management of claim cases.

She is accredited with the AACP (Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy) to conduct annual RMMR (Residential Medication Management Reviews) and HMR (Home Medication Reviews).

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