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June Update:



Inquisitive? Sifting? Scrutinising? 

If you are you forward-looking, analytical, maybe cynical or just plain curious about the medico-legal industry- this is the event for you!

Arm yourself with evidence and research, open your mind to alternative viewpoints, coat yourself with awareness of the unknown and step out to brave the challenge of the mlcoa ‘Opinions that Work’ Workshop event.

We need your input during our panel discussion to shape our path together.

Get your probing questions ready…….and send them to us sooner rather than later so our panel can prepare a truly thoughtful response.

Here are some ideas to get your questions flowing:

Q: If most people with a mental illness can work, with three out of five Australians with a mental disorder in paid employment (Sane, 2017), how do we support employers navigating mental health issues ( work-related and non-work related)?

Q: What’s the chance of getting back to work if you’ve been off work for 20 days? (70%). This drops to 35% at 70 days ( WorkSafe Victoria, 2002) Why do we wait so long to get a specialist opinion?

Q: What use is a diagnosis? Does it matter when the client receives one? How much does an accurate diagnosis effect a person’s health outcome?

Q: Psychological safety is the most important and hardest attribute for your workplace team to achieve (even for the team at Google). In Australia, if your employees work in frontline roles for lower income, they feel less safe than their higher-earning colleagues. (iCare, 2017). So, any ideas on how employers address this?

Q: What does client-centred management look like in medicine?

Q: Almost half of Australians had a lifetime metal disorder at some stage in their life and 20% have had one in the last year (ABS, 2007). How do you begin to deal with statistics like that in the insurance industry? Or as an employer?

Q: Does evidence-based medicine make any difference in the end? It’s not a new idea….why get serious about it now?? (Sackett, 1997)

Q: What are the current challenges in medicine, medico-legal industry and for employers?


If you haven’t registered yet for the Opinions That Work event, it is not too late to grab your spot. To register for the Opinions That Work event in Sydney, please click here to go to the registration website.





The mlcoa NSW Team