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April Update:


Human Resources Focus


mlcoa attended the 2017 National HR Summit at the iconic Luna Park in Sydney on 29th and 30th March, one of the largest gatherings of senior HR professionals in Australia.

Delegates discussed the most crucial and complex people management issues facing the industry today. A key reflection of delegates was that health is the new focus of the HR industry.

HR professionals are being asked to deal with a minefield of issues outside the traditional work-related roles and responsibilities. Needing to address issues such as presenteeism, absenteeism, concerns about safety of co-workers, company liability at risk (due to duty of care, occupational health and safety, workers compensation, public liability claims),concerns about the safety of members of the public, need to clarify poor job performance/productivity versus a legitimate health issue.

mlcoa’s Corporate Fitness for Duty Assessments can play an important role in the Human Resource and Industrial environment; in managing your employee’s return to work and safety at work whilst supporting and promoting a safe work culture.

For more information about how we can assist your organisation to deal with non work related issues at your workplace, please contact



New Consultants For mlcoa NSW


Dr Timothy Lynskey, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Welcome to Dr Timothy Lynskey, mlcoa’s new Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in Sydney.

Dr Lynskey is experienced in general orthopaedic conditions including hip and knee surgery, joint replacement surgery, arthroscopy, trauma and spinal problems. He currently practices and operates privately in New Zealand. Dr Lynskey is an examiner for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, New Zealand.

Additionally, Dr Lynskey has contributed across many orthopaedic professional development and standards organisations and has published in surgical journals relating to hip and knee surgery and paediatrics.

Dr Lynskey is accredited as a permanent impairment assessor with SIRA in NSW.

Please see Dr Lynskey’s profile here.


Dr Alexandra Evans, Psychiatrist 

Welcome to Dr Alexandra Evans, Psychiatrist to mlcoa NSW. Dr Evans has over twenty years’ experience working as a psychiatrist in Queensland. She has worked in general adult psychiatry and also has a particular interest in child and adolescent psychiatry.

She is experienced and skilled in providing medicolegal assessments relating to motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, child protection, and Mental Health court evaluations.

Dr Evans has also been involved in the education and supervision of medical students and registrars on topics relating to Child Psychiatry.

Dr Evans is working from our Parramatta rooms in Sydney.

Please see Dr Evan’s profile here.


Dr Angus Stevenson, Psychiatrist

Welcome to Dr Angus Stevenson, a Consultant Psychiatrist experienced in all aspects of general adult psychiatry. Dr Stevenson has a special interest in PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders.

Dr Stevenson trained in the UK and New Zealand, followed by working in remote and regional Australia. Dr Stevenson uses Telehealth to access patients in rural NSW.  

Dr Stevenson also provides permanent impairment assessments for SIRA-WorkCover NSW and NSW MAA and Comcare.

Dr Stevenson has appointments available in Lismore, NSW.

Please see Dr Stevenson’s profile here.


Dr Alan Segal, Dermatologist

Dr Alan Segal, Dermatologist is now available for Saturday appointments at mlcoa NSW at the Sydney CBD rooms.  Dr Segal has over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of assessing and treating skin conditions. He is an expert in the diagnosis of skin cancers and abnormal moles, recommending the latest evidence-based treatments.

Dr Segal has worked clinically in Victoria and he has directed the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria. Dr Segal has a special interest in medico-legal work and is accredited as a Permanent Impairment Assessor by SIRA and Comcare.

Please see Dr Segal’s Profile here. 





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