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September Update:


At a recent ALUCA (Australasian Life Underwriting and Claims Association)Rehabilitation Professional Development Day on 12 September 2017 a challenge was put out by Angelo Ratnachandra, Physiotherapist and Pain Consultant. He asked “Do our work place policies and values read like they are meant for us or about us? If they are for us they are there to guide us. If they are about us then we are already living our organisational values and we share our personal values with our company.

mlcoa operates under four values expressing our shared understanding of what we believe in, how we behave and what we aspire to be.

  • We are passionate
  • We work with integrity
  • We trust & respect each other
  • We are accountable in all aspects of our dealings.

In NSW we aim for these values to be about us and hope that those working with us, choose to describe us in this way.

At the ALUCA meeting, Angelo highlighted that the Life Insurance Code of Practice references the word ‘support’ 14 times, ‘fairness’ 7 times, ‘honesty’ 6 times and ‘respect’ 5 times. There are clear mandates for change in the life insurance industry. Perhaps we all have something to learn from this industry as we play our part in improving individuals’ wellbeing and health outcomes.

As our valued clients we welcome and appreciate your feedback. Your suggestions, compliments and constructive criticisms help us as an organisation to better live our values.

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