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April Update:

Complex Claims: An mlcoa Guide To Identify, Manage And Prevent

As a specialist opinion provider with over 30 years’ experience providing independent medical guidance on complex cases, the following article provides some of our insights into the evolution and management of complex claims.

At mlcoa we understand that some claims are justifiably catastrophic in nature and can result in a life altering experience for those individuals. These claims are defined as complex claims for this reason. Catastrophic claims only make up a small proportion of overall claims and require significant focus on the future quality and best care management needs to enable those injured individuals to  recover and live as independently as possible with dignity.

Most complex claims however are not catastrophic. It is that “average” claim that takes a turn for the worst and results in several years of income benefits, medical treatment and longer than anticipated disability duration. The claim’s progression and path results in complexity. While hindsight enables us to see when and why a claim went in the wrong direction, recognisation of the warning signs and effectively addressing these issues in real time can make a profound difference in the overall management and outcome of claims that might not have appeared complex in the early stages.


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