Musculoskeletal Series: Part 2 – The Spine

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Musculoskeletal Series: Part 2 – The Spine

Dr Mark Floyd, Occupational Physician, presented “Musculoskeletal Series: Part 2 – The Spine” on 9th March in Adelaide. Dr Floyd noted that besides the common cold back injuries are the most frequent cause of illness in western society, with over 80% of people experiencing low back pain at some stage of their life.

Dr Floyd detailed the anatomy of the spine, including the joints, nerves, discs and muscles, noted some common back injuries and the potential causes of such conditions. He reminded us of the difference between an acute, sub-acute, gradual onset and multifactorial injury. He took questions throughout the session, and provided some thought provoking information from research that has been undertaken in relation to spinal injuries.

Dr Floyd emphasised the importance of reviewing the history of an injury, interviewing and examining the person, and if available looking at scans, to reach a holistic opinion of the causation of the condition, reach a diagnosis, identify capacity and recommend appropriate treatment pathways for the person.

Watch this space for details of ‘Part 3 – Lower Limbs’ coming up with Dr Floyd in May 2017.


Positive feedback was given at the end of this event by attendees, with comments such as;

‘Very interactive, excellent references and study findings.’

‘Another fascinating session – I wish we could have stayed longer!’

‘Great, very informative.’

‘Again a very informative presentation by Dr Floyd.’

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