Musculoskeletal Series: Part 2 – The Spine

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Musculoskeletal Series: Part 2 – The Spine

On 8th June 2017, Dr Floyd presented Part 2 of the three part Musculoskeletal Series: The Spine at the mlcoa Canberra office.

Dr Floyd commenced with a short overview of the anatomy of the back, muscles and bones in relation to low back pain and the different causes of low back pain. As already underlined in Part 1 of the series the drivers of management are correct diagnosis, causation and management and Dr Floyd reiterated the type of tests conducted during an IME assessment, the type of injuries and the difference between sprains & strains, degeneration and disc herniation.

Work related back pain can be related to pathology, heavy physical work, awkward postures, heavy lifting, forceful movements, whole body vibration, slips, trips and falls and static postures. Dr Floyd also discussed clinical flags and the impact of these on low back pain.

The name of the injury usually implies the origin cause and indicates how this could be best managed. Dr Floyd discussed the various factors important to the management of back pain in the workplace e.g. work is important to recovery, early reporting, modify ‘difficult’ tasks, assess workplace factors, graduated return, flexible plans amongst other factors.

Before closing off the Toolbox with a Q&A sessions Dr Floyd discussed various Clinical Practice Guidelines and recommendations regarding low back pain.

The Toolbox was very well attended and it was a pleasant interactive morning with a diverse selection of the Canberra clientele.

For details of Part 3 – Lower limbs with Dr Floyd, please keep an eye on our Events page.


The Toolbox received positive feedback and comments from our clients:

“Very engaging presenter and the presentation was great.”

“ Well presented with evidence to support treatment/management of back pain.”

“Pitched at a great level for the audience and looking forward to part 3.”

“Dr Floyd is very engaging and explains things in a very relatable manner.”

“Enjoy all mlcoa events.”

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