mlcoa Supports the Health Benefits of Good Work

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mlcoa Supports the Health Benefits of Good Work

mlcoa is proud to become a Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW) signatory organisation.

At mlcoa our independent medical specialist opinions impact people’s lives and as such, we fully acknowledge our responsibility to that individual and the community in which we operate. As a signatory we aim to demonstrate our commitment to creating safe and healthy workplaces, and our belief that good work can play a central role in contributing to people’s health and wellbeing. We truly believe in the HBGW, the positive impact we can have, and are excited to support, and be a part of this worthwhile initiative.

Across Australia and New Zealand we are seeing many positive changes as workplaces and workforces gain a better understanding about the benefits that good work can have. At mlcoa we also understand the role we play as an employer, ensuring the engagement of our people in this positive approach. As a business we understand that we not only have a responsibility to our staff and clients but also the broader community through the services we deliver.

Our corporate purpose is to generate a positive impact on health outcomes for the injured/ill individual and by extension the Australian population, irrespective of the unique situation, complexity of the problem, or the legislative framework we are privileged to work within.  We all embrace the challenge and responsibility this presents us each day, and are personally energised by the opportunity offered to us by customers to be involved.

To learn more about what a commitment to realising the health benefits of good work means, please visit To find out how mlcoa can support your organisation and its people in this through the services we deliver, please contact your local mlcoa General Manager.

We encourage like-minded organisations to join us and become a HBGW signatory organisation.

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