mlcoa QLD’s 20 Minute Christmas Pearls

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mlcoa QLD’s 20 Minute Christmas Pearls


On Tuesday, the 6th of December, a group of four doctors presented at mlcoa’s final education event for 2016. The event entitled, “mlcoa’s 20 minute Christmas Pearls”, comprised of the following doctors and in order of presenting: Dr Jim Muir (Dermatologist); Dr Michael Wood (Neuropsychologist); Dr Simon Journeaux (Orthopaedic Surgeon) and Assoc Prof Richard Lewandowski (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon).

Topics for each respective presentation are listed below: ‘Skin Cancer QLD Style’ (Dr Jim Muir); ‘Post Concussion Syndrome’ (Dr Michael Wood); ‘Shoulder Bursitis’ (Dr Simon Journeaux) and ‘Scars’ (Assoc Prof Richard Lewandowski). Each doctor, as the title of the event suggests, spoke for 20 minutes. Upon the conclusion of Dr Lewandowski’s presentation and with the exception of Dr Muir, attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions in a panel/question and answer format.

As this event was the final mlcoa event for 2016, attendees at the booked out event were treated to an mlcoa ‘showbag’ consisting of a pen, notepad, USB, Post-It Notes and a tote bag. Additionally, attendees received an mlcoa branded cupcake and a 2017 calendar upon arrival.

Overall, each presentation was very well received by all attendees. mlcoa’s 2017 event schedule will again commence in February featuring Dr Josh Daly, Pain Management Physician.

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