Mental Health Event 2 – Ruminative Embitterment

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Mental Health Event 2 – Ruminative Embitterment

“Ruminative Embitterment” presented by Dr Peter Farnbach was our second Mental Health Event for October 2016’s Mental Health Month.

Ruminative Embitterment Syndrome (RES) is a response to perceived injustice or unfairness, characterised by intrusive thoughts and memories. Many of us, in some way have seen or managed someone displaying signs of this syndrome.

Dr Peter Farnbach gave us an extensive insight into the syndrome that he himself has developed over the years. Dr Farnbach walked us through the core features of this condition, clues on how to identify if somebody has RES and what kind of management techniques or treatment work best; for example, psychiatric/medical treatments are usually much less effective than the psychological path, which proves to be much better suited in helping to get the person back on track for a happy and healthy life.

Dr Farnbach confirmed that RES is NOT in fact post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder or compensation neurosis, as some may think. Those with RES usually suffer from intrusive thoughts and memories long after the triggering event, they become socially withdrawn and avoid places related to the event (usually the workplace).

The feedback from today’s session was very well received with comments such as; “Great session, delivered in a very engaging and interesting way”, “Excellent presentation and very relevant. Most in the room appear to have a ‘name’ who displays the symptoms” and “excellent – a topic we can all relate to!”

Mental Health Event 3 “Managing Personality Disorders In The Workplace” will be presented by Dr James Hundertmark on Tuesday, 18th October. Please call (03) 9650 2000 or email to find out more.

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