Medical Terminology: Part B

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Medical Terminology: Part B

Following on from our popular ‘Medical Terminology over Breakfast Part A’ (physical terminology), we spent some time thinking about words used to describe mental and chronic illnesses. We shared around the mlcoa kitchen table with 33 attendees at our ‘Medical Terminology: Part B’ session on Tuesday 1 May 2018.

Jenny Crane (mlcoa NSW GM) and Elizabeth Pearson (CRM – mlcoa NSW) presented on four topics: medico-legal terminology, chronic illness, pain and mental health. We had a few winners in our ‘medical terminology bingo’ too!

The feedback was encouraging, especially from those who were new to the world of insurance and claims management. We received requests for more educational events focussing on psych injuries – we’re listening and are planning some great events as 2018 rolls on.

For detail on our upcoming educational events, please check out our events page.

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