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Medical Terminology Over Breakfast

mlcoa NSW has been trying a few different things lately. In a world which can be so cluttered with information, we are trying to bring meaningful and clear educational offering to our clients.

We recently have presented two highly interactive (and slightly experimental) ‘Medical Terminology Over Breakfast’ events at the mlcoa offices in Sydney CBD.  We had 25 attendees on 27 February and 18 attendees on 7 March join us for breakfast and learning in our kitchen and boardroom.

The presentation included an outline of general medico-legal terms used in reports and what ‘flags’ to watch out for, followed by a walk through our bodies from inside out. We learnt briefly about different body systems and then focused on musculoskeletal terminology from our skin right down into our bones.

We all spread out and played with position and movement words, learning what they mean as we applied using these words in them in our physical bodies.  We definitely got out of the textbooks and the ‘human be-ings’ became ‘human do-ings’.

There was much laughter and the attendees at both sessions gave us very positive feedback about the fun and interactive style, as well as some tips on how to improve these sessions. We’ll definitely run events like this in the future in Sydney.

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