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Maximising Your IME

On Monday, 6th June 2016, mlcoa NSW hosted an educational event “Maximising Your IME” presented by Dr Dwight Dowda, Occupational Physician, Dr Simone Ryan, Occupational Physician & Ms Vicky Petropoulos, National Account Manager.

Jenny Crane, mlcoa NSW General Manager, introduced the session and the presenters and then handed over to Vicky who discussed what will be covered in the session.  Vicky then went on to discuss:


  • What is it?
  • Why request one?
  • Challenges
  • Why is the IME essential to claim progress?
  • The mlcoa IME model
  • How the referral quality impacts the report quality
  • Elements of an effective referral – the referral letter, question design & file information

Dr Dowda and Dr Ryan then also discussed ‘Dissecting the IME’ and elaborated on how the letter of instructions and paperwork are essential in obtaining the best report. Both Doctors then also described what the examinee experiences to enable them to form their opinion.

Overall the session was interactive and engaging. Attendees provided positive feedback including “Great resources as usual – insightful and well prepared, interesting and engaging”. Q & A style was very good” and “Well presented, fantastic suggestions that can be implemented to ensure the IME report can best deliver desired outcomes”. During the session attendees were able to identify challenges that they faced during the IME process and throughout the session we discussed ways to overcome and deal with them.

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