Maxillofacial Trauma – More Than Just Dentistry

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Maxillofacial Trauma – More Than Just Dentistry

Professor Andrew Smith, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, presented on “Maxillofacial Trauma – More Than Just Dentistry” to an audience of 47 people on Tuesday, 8th November at The Parmelia Hilton in Perth.

This was the last educational event of 2016 and we wanted to offer a completely different topic that was out of the norm. It was run as a lunch-time session and lasted for an hour with time for questions at the end.

Professor Smith talked about facial injuries from minor to major with a presentation of developments in treatment over the last 30 years, together with a brief discussion of the failure of the AMA/WorkCover impairment schedules to this area of the body.

His presentation was very informative and humorous in parts, despite the gruesome photos. He kept people engaged by including some real life stories and answering questions at the end.

It was extremely well received and positive feedback was given at the end by all attendees with comments such as; “Best presentation I have been to in a long time. Thank you”, “Excellent presentation, very relevant to my work and very informative”, “ Fantastic presentation – detailed and engaging” and “Thoroughly enjoyed it!”.

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