Is Pain a Barrier?

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Is Pain a Barrier?

mlcoa Occupational Physician, Dr Simone Ryan presented on the topic ‘Is Pain a Barrier?’ on 24 July 2018 to a large turnout of 100 enthusiastic attendees. Dr Ryan captivated the audience as she described the assessment, treatment and management of pain through stories which were informative and engaging.

Emphasis was placed on the importance of good communication between all members of the multidisciplinary pain management team in order to optimise outcomes.

The impact of the presentation was summed up by two attendees, the first who stated ‘Dr Ryan was personable, and that what she said made a whole lot of sense’, and a second attendee who revealed how her management will be influenced by her attendance, stating she gained some ‘useful tips to assist with her work processes’.

Dr Ryan’s interactive presentation equipped the audience with skills that they could take away and apply in their management of their client’s pain.

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