Is Pain A Barrier? Practical Strategies for HR Managers & Case Managers

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Is Pain A Barrier? Practical Strategies for HR Managers & Case Managers

Prof David Cherry, Pain Physician and Mr John Vieceli, Physiotherapist, presented on the topic of Pain to an audience of 97 people on Thursday, 25 August at The Adelaide Pavilion.

John Vieceli opened the presentation and spoke about pain receptors in the brain, followed by Prof Cherry who detailed the mechanisms of how pain is generated. John went on to discuss in detail how an individual’s pain is perceived by the person feeling it, noting that it is not always reflected in radiological scans and often doesn’t match clinical findings. John’s approach to treating a person with pain is to encourage them to gradually increase their activity and become less fearful of movement, rather than focusing on pathology. Prof Cherry talked about how medication such as opioids react in the brain and body, and how individuals can become dependent on such medication. Overall this was a very interesting discussion, with helpful tips to assist the audience with managing injured individuals that are suffering from pain. Positive feedback was given at the end by attendees with comments such as; “A Complex subject explained in simple language. Good session”, “Extremely valuable insight into pain management”, and “Brilliant presentation. Enjoyed the panel style”.

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