Inflamed And Sore

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Inflamed And Sore

Dr Denise Tong style is clear and empathetic, simultaneously gentle and firm. Engaging in these personal strengths, Dr Tong led a small group of 19 through a workshop considering the management of soft tissue disorders and auto-immune arthritis in Rheumatology on 6th October 2017, in Sydney.

mlcoa NSW stepped out to offer a new kind of educational event- one where attendees could delve into cases in great detail in a small group, consider how they would respond in managing a particular case and rethink how they may make clearer choices in the future. Dr Tong held the group as they thrashed through what they would consider to be appropriate for the claimant- and then challenged us with current Rheumatological management approaches.

In response to very positive feedback about this style of event and Dr Tong’s group interaction, mlcoa has been encouraged to run Part 2 of this event early in 2018 and to continue to explore more innovative ways of delivering educational events to you!

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