Inflamed and Sore: Up Close with Rheumatology Part 2

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Inflamed and Sore: Up Close with Rheumatology Part 2

Dr Denise Tong, Rheumatologist and mlcoa NSW got ‘up close’ with 19 attendees during  Part 2 of the ‘Inflamed and Sore’ Series on 16 April 2018. This event was designed to be a small group workshop event – with lots of opportunities to ask questions and discuss case studies in small groups. Dr Tong’s workshop included rheumatology management of neck and back pains and chronic pain conditions – and she really got into the nitty-gritty best practice way of managing these issues!

Dr Tong provided a real-life case study for groups to review, suggest appropriate investigations and make a possible diagnosis. She then dissected possible treatment options before letting us know what happened in real life to this patient. Return to work options were also explored with the group.

Dr Tong chose to use fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome as examples of the larger area of chronic pain syndromes.

She discussed fibromyalgia -symptoms, diagnosis, pathophysiology, functional capacity & prognosis with the group, before we considered what treatment options are recommended.

Chronic fatigue syndrome’s overlap with other conditions was highlighted. The international diagnostic criteria and definitions & pathophysiology of this condition which has no known cure were considered. Dr Tong took time to outline how we encourage retention in the workforce for CFS sufferers.

Dr Denise Tong is a passionate and approachable Rheumatologist and this was appreciated by attendees. One attendee commented that she would ‘would love to be in any other presentation by Dr Tong.

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