HR Advice on ‘Fitness for Duty’ (FFD) Assessments

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HR Advice on ‘Fitness for Duty’ (FFD) Assessments

As part of the Victorian Small Business Festival mlcoa VIC presented at The Capital in Bendigo on ‘Fitness for Duty’ (FFD) Assessments. Kylie Menz, Vic General Manager discussed the core elements of an FFD and provided advice on the Do’s and Don’ts before handing over to Dr Simone Ryan. Dr Ryan, Occupational Physician provided different scenarios which were all linked to real life experience and practical information to apply to individual scenarios.

The informative session helped attendees understand when to use an FFD including obligations and responsibilities around the assessments.

Feedback from this session was well received with comments such as; “Terrific event with very skilful, engaging presenters with a depth and breadth of knowledge & experience evident. Thank you!”, “Overall the seminar had great info with very interesting case studies” and “Engaging and informative”.




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