Evidence Based Diagnosis of Low Back Pain

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Evidence Based Diagnosis of Low Back Pain

On Thursday 19 April 2018, the mlcoa Canberra office held an educational event for our clients on Evidence Based Diagnosis of Low Back Pain” presented by Dr Tony Kostos, Rheumatologist.

In this session Dr Kostos provided an overview of managing Low back pain claims.  Dr Kostos expressed how useful it is to determine if there are any psychosocial factors (yellow flags) or more serious conditions that warrant further investigations (red flags).  Red flags could indicate an underlying serious condition for example Malignancy, infection or Osteoporosis.

Dr Kostos talked about the over use of Investigations and CT’s for low back pain as abnormalities are common in asymptomatic individuals and the presence of disc degeneration, bulging or herniation or osteoarthritis does not prove the abnormality is the cause of pain.

The session concluded with a questions and answers session with the attendees keen to interact with doctor on this topic and how better to manage in the workplace.

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