Deception in Head Injury and Psychiatric Claims

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Deception in Head Injury and Psychiatric Claims

On Tuesday, 25th July “Deception in Head Injury and Psychiatric Claims” was presented by Psychiatrist, Dr Wasim Shaikh at mlcoa QLD.

Dr Shaikh provided a framework for understanding deception in head injury and psychiatric claims when medical examiners and others involved in the field of disability, compensation and insurance, often face when certain information does not add up and or can’t work or won’t work.

In 99.9% most examinees provide truthful accounts of their experiences and symptoms, but a select few may be guilty of misrepresentation or exaggeration, to achieve a more favorable outcome to their claim.

Dr Shaikh spoke about the term malingering and in general how it is not very common but the  incidences increase five –fold in (up to 30%) in cases of disability and compensation. Medical examiners, as a rule of thumb, are not specifically trained in undertaking tests for malingering, and whilst veracity of information provided may be doubted, it is not easy to confirm the suspicion, let alone to mention it.

Dr Shaikh focused on aspects of psychiatric normality, abnormal illness behavior, and malingering.

Dr provided and discussed case examples, from experience and was able to use his skills and knowledge to introduce the concept about “genuineness”.

A framework was provided to answer questions including but not limited to:

  • “What options are available”
  • “When are they required”
  • “How long does it take”
  • “How will it benefit me”
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