Common Orthopaedic Injuries: An Open Discussion Forum

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Common Orthopaedic Injuries: An Open Discussion Forum


On Tuesday, 23 January 2018 mlcoa SA and Dr Brett Krause, Orthopaedic Surgeon hosted ‘Common Orthopaedic Injuries: An Open Discussion Forum’.

A number of questions were put to Dr Krause, made up of questions sent in by the audience and questions that our team regularly see in our client’s referrals.

Dr Krause was very knowledgeable and honest about his speciality, noting that every advance in medicine can present possible problems over time, which is why over history some procedures that were once considered an appropriate treatment pathway are no longer practiced. A number of times Dr Krause noted the importance of taking a thorough history from the patient, including a clinical examination, in order to reach an accurate diagnosis and identify the appropriate treatment pathway for the individual.

Some questions put to Dr Krause were:

Do opioids have a role to play in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions?

  • Answer: Dr Krause prefers long acting anti-inflammatory medication, paracetamol or codeine, and perhaps tramadol in the instance of strong pain rather than opioids, due to the risk of side effects and addiction. 


When we get differing opinions in relation to treatment pathways, how do we know which one to listen to?

  • Answer: When reviewing different opinions, review what factors have been taken into consideration in the treatment plan, i.e. comorbidities, a job description, and is there mention of it being safe for the patient to return to activity physically and mentally. Dr Krause noted he would lean towards the opinion that is detailed and has taken all of the factors affecting the patient into consideration.


Positive feedback was given at the end of this event by attendees, with comments such as;

Excellent speaker. Very engaging and knowledgeable.

I liked the format of the session with question and answers plus discussion.

Was great to hear open and frank views from an experienced surgeon.

Dr Krause is very knowledgeable and spoke well with good explanations.

Dr Krause explained things simply, objectively and clearly.

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