Chronic Pain From A Psychiatric Perspective

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Chronic Pain From A Psychiatric Perspective

On Wednesday, August 24th, Dr Derek Lovell, Psychiatrist presented to a group of clients representing the insurance, self insurance, legal and government arena. The event, held at Christies Conference Centre, entitled ‘Chronic Pain from a Psychiatric Perspective’ attracted a crowd of over 90 attendees on the day.

Dr Lovell commenced his presentation with an interactive case study closely followed by an in depth discussion on the various definitions of ‘chronic pain’ dating back to the 1960’s. Dr Lovell then proceeded to highlight types of pain, mechanisms for chronic pain and medications for treating pain. Similarly included in the presentation were a number of statistics in order to highlighting the prevalence of such within the general community. The presentation thus concluded with an overview of treatment options and an additional two case studies. Audience members were also provided with an opportunity to ask Dr Lovell questions following the conclusion of the presentation.

Overall, the presentation was very well received by attendees with the event receiving such praise as ‘The best presentation I’ve been to this year’ and ‘It was a pleasure to attend yesterday’s educational sessions on Chronic pain by Dr Derek Lovell which I found very interesting’.

The next installment of mlcoa’s education series, scheduled for September, will be hosted by Dr Jeff Prebble, Paediatrician, on the subject of “Learning and Behavioural Problems in Children”.

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