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Back Pain and Litigation

On Friday 6th October, mlcoa QLD hosted an educational event, Back Pain and Litigation, in Townsville presented by Dr Simon Journeaux, Orthopaedic Surgeon. The event was held at Jam Café in Townsville with 19 people in attendance.

Dr Journeaux provided a brief history and outline in regards to Anatomy, classification of back pain, the accident or injury!, Prolapsed intervertebral disc, the strained back, root entrapment from degenerative change, spondylosis, neurogenic claudication, contusion, fracture and abnormal illness behavior.

Dr Journeaux advised that back pain is very common and purposed the flowing statistics:

  • 75% of manual workers will attend GP
  • 60% of sedentary workers will attend GP
  • Preponderance of back pain amongst manual worker
  • Relationship between heavy work and back pain is not clear

Dr Journeaux’s presentation was well received by the audience and attendees.

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