The Upper Limb

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The Upper Limb

mlcoa NSW Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Stephen Quain presented on the topic ‘The Upper Limb’ on Monday, 25th June 2018.

Dr Quain’s exceptional knowledge of the subject was undeniable as he went into detail regarding shoulder and elbow anatomy, causes of injury and clinical tests used to diagnose upper limb conditions. A volunteer was used to demonstrate the tests to add more depth to the information being presented.

Dr Quain used historical anecdotes as he discussed the effects that the advancement in imaging with the introduction of MRI scanning had on the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder and elbow injuries. He outlined surgical approaches to repair both shoulder pathology and injuries and discussed likely outcomes.

Many questions were asked and we were left wanting more time with Dr Quain. The event was summed up by one attendee saying’ the information presented was valuable and very useful’.

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