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21st Century Emergency Medicine

At the latest ‘mlcoa on balance’ event in Sydney, Clinical Associate Professor Paul Middleton (Emergency Physician) ran an informative session introducing participants to the world of 21st Century Emergency Medicine.

Prof Middleton defined Emergency Medicine as “the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of unforeseen illness or injury”.  He explained how this includes the “initial evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and disposition of any patient requiring expeditious medical, surgical, or psychiatric care”. This provided participants of the session a unique insight into the broad spectrum of conditions that are seen in Emergency Medicine and how this knowledge and skill can be applied to provide a thorough Independent Medical Evaluation (IME).

Assoc. Clinical Prof. Middleton further explained how in Emergency Medicine, they deal with “presenting complaints and not pathologies” and the “presenting problem rather than the diagnosis”. Emergency Physicians “therefore develop expertise in areas between other specialist domains, when presenting complaint does not fit”.

This session also explored common areas to the Speciality such as acute coronary syndromes; soft tissue injuries and sprains; and back pain. This was explained with examples and current research to further illuminate each condition. In particular, feedback from participants commented on the “new revolutionary” research as being a highlight.

Described by those who attended as an “excellent session” by a “knowledgeable” and “approachable” presenter, this unique insight into a Speciality underutilised in the claims management arena was of great value to all who attended.

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