That’s A Wrap: Psychological Conditions After A Physical Injury

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That’s A Wrap: Psychological Conditions After A Physical Injury

Dr Michael Schirripa introduced his session with the quote:

“The BRAIN is in the skull… But the MIND is everywhere…”

On Thursday, 16th August 2018 at The Adelaide Pavilion, Dr Michael Schirripa, Psychiatrist presented ‘Psychological Conditions After a Physical Injury’.

Dr Schirripa noted that following a physical injury a person can be impacted by lost work time, lost income, medical expenses, compensation costs, possible long term health problem, possible long term disability, burden on their family and social impact. He noted that pain is a subjective to an individual’s beliefs, and is influenced by their experience with injury and pain throughout their life, noting that there are predisposing factors that can lead to someone developing a psychological illness following a physical injury.

Dr Schirripa disucssed some common psychological conditions that can develop, such as Adjustment Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, PTSD, Substance Abuse, Neuro-Cognitive Disorders, Somatic Symptom Disorders, Factitious Disorder and Malingering, noting how returning to work is can positively influence the development and management of a psychological condition. Dr Schirripa also provided his opinion on the ideal treatment pathway, noting that early assessment, diagnosis and treatment with a multi-disciplinary approach is helpful to a person’s recovery.

Positive feedback was given at the end of this event by attendees, with comments such as;

  • Very informative. Can assist myself to be more confident in questioning some treatment pathways with some clients
  • Very relevant to my role. Good summary of types of psych disabilities
  • One of the best sessions so far. Presentation was detailed and specific. Q & A provided good insight into issues experienced by other attendees.
  • Excellent, very informative and easy to follow. Very relevant!
  • Dr Michael Schirripa was very engaging and knowledgeable. Great presenter
  • mlcoa always run a very professional and extremely knowledge building session. Well done.
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